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Energy & Climate Change
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Climate Monitoring
Updates published last mo: 11
Total funding: 1.8 Bn
Featured Companies: 55

Carbon Management Software

New technology allows individuals and organizations to become carbon intelligent
TAM:21.2 Bn
Total funding:1.8 Bn
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Climate Restoration
Updates published last mo: 7
Total funding: 2.5 Bn
Featured Companies: 64

Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage (CCUS)

Clear the air on carbon capture, reuse, and storage
TAM:156.5 Bn
Total funding:2.5 Bn
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Alternative Energy
Updates published last mo: 27
Total funding: 29.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 136

Hydrogen Economy

Clean energy solutions for the long haul
TAM:128.7 Bn
Total funding:6.0 Bn

Climate Tech - Energy

Moving industry forward with next-generation advancements in energy storage and transmission.
TAM:53.0 Bn
Total funding:23.6 Bn
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Food & Agriculture
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Updates published last mo: 12
Total funding: 15.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 313


Biologically protecting plants from pests
Total funding:1.4 Bn

Vertical Farming

Bringing fresh produce closer to consumers with efficient, advanced technology.
TAM:9.8 Bn
Total funding:4.3 Bn

Smart Farming

Sustainably solving the food shortages of the future
TAM:60.5 Bn
Total funding:3.7 Bn

Natural Fertilizers

Using nature to nurture crop yield
Total funding:1.2 Bn

Crop Biotech

Enhancing seed and crop traits via biotechnology
Total funding:4.5 Bn
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Sustainable Food Alternatives
Updates published last mo: 64
Total funding: 15.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 337

Plant-Based Dairy and Egg

A booming food and beverage segment with a history as rich and varied as its present-day product offerings.
TAM:48.1 Bn
Total funding:5.8 Bn

Plant-Based Meat

A new wave of meat, fish, and poultry alternatives are driving this hyper-growth industry into the mainstream.
TAM:98.0 Bn
Total funding:6.7 Bn

Cell-Cultured Meat

Making meat sustainable over the long term.
TAM:135.6 Bn
Total funding:2.6 Bn
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Advanced Manufacturing
Updates published last mo: 29
Total funding: 10.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 169

Digital Twin

Using real-time data to create dynamic virtual representations of the real world
Total funding:1.9 Bn

Smart Factory

Using data and automation to achieve 24/7 production.
TAM:142.9 Bn
Total funding:4.2 Bn

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing makes objects by systematically adding material via a CAD program
TAM:59.5 Bn
Total funding:4.6 Bn
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Advanced Materials
Updates published last mo: 5
Total funding: 4.8 Bn
Featured Companies: 92

Sustainable Materials

Earth-friendly biotech solutions for the textile, packaging and construction industries.
TAM:30.6 Bn
Total funding:4.8 Bn
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Retail Automation
Updates published last mo: 14
Total funding: 6.3 Bn
Featured Companies: 121

Retail Industry Robots

Speeding up sales, cutting costs, and preparing for the future of retail—whether brick-and-mortar or online.
TAM:25.9 Bn
Total funding:1.8 Bn

Furniture Tech

Technology to customize and procure furniture
Total funding:1.7 Bn

Automated Stores

Providing a seamless consumer experience is one hope for bringing back brick and mortar retail, automated stores are being built to do just that.
TAM:8.3 Bn
Total funding:2.9 Bn
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Transportation & Logistics
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Next-gen Automobiles
Updates published last mo: 41
Total funding: 60.7 Bn
Featured Companies: 105

Auto Tech

Autonomous and connected technologies shaping the future of the auto industry
TAM:79.3 Bn
Total funding:12.8 Bn

EV Economy

Electrifying passenger and commercial travel
TAM:390.4 Bn
Total funding:47.9 Bn
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Connected Transportation
Updates published last mo: 9
Total funding: 3.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 56

Smart Mobility Information

Information to create a more efficient, cleaner and safer way to travel in the city of the future
TAM:4.9 Bn
Total funding:3.6 Bn
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Advanced Air Mobility
Updates published last mo: 0
Total funding: 6.0 Bn
Featured Companies: 36

EVTOL Aircraft

Clean, congestion-free air travel gets liftoff
Total funding:6.0 Bn
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Distribution & Logistics
Updates published last mo: 29
Total funding: 39.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 236

Last Mile Delivery Automation

Automation and robotics are finally creating solutions for the complexities of doorstep deliveries.
TAM:60.0 Bn
Total funding:4.5 Bn

Logistics & Supply Chain Tech

AI, robotics, and IoT to streamline the flow of goods and information
Total funding:7.3 Bn

Truck Industry Tech

Using online platforms, autonomy, electric and fuel-cell tech solutions to shape the future of trucking.
TAM:141.6 Bn
Total funding:27.8 Bn
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Health & Wellness
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Primary Care
Updates published last mo: 37
Total funding: 34.7 Bn
Featured Companies: 368

Preventive Healthcare

Membership-based, non-insurance healthcare companies helping maintain a steady state of well being.
TAM:254.0 Bn
Total funding:17.5 Bn


More important now than ever, telehealth will long outlast the pandemic that drove its growth.
TAM:48.0 Bn
Total funding:17.1 Bn
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Holistic Care
Updates published last mo: 13
Total funding: 10.0 Bn
Featured Companies: 192

Mental Health Tech

New technologies are opening up mental health services to previously overbooked and underserved populations.
TAM:65.3 Bn
Total funding:8.7 Bn

Digital Wellness

A new industry proving that digital connectivity and mental health can co-exist.
TAM:7.6 Bn
Total funding:1.3 Bn
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Self Care
Updates published last mo: 7
Total funding: 5.2 Bn
Featured Companies: 89

Connected Fitness

New products and new technologies are bringing high-end gym workouts to the home.
TAM:32.9 Bn
Total funding:4.4 Bn

Personalized Beauty Tech

Delivering tailor-made beauty products to break through a crowded mass market.
TAM:9.2 Bn
Total funding:798.2 Mn
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Specialty Care
Updates published last mo: 9
Total funding: 9.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 262

Pet Care Tech

Pet ownership is at an all time high in the United States and the pet care economy is booming.
TAM:7.1 Bn
Total funding:1.2 Bn

Silver Economy Tech

A concentration of wealth and a willingness to adopt age-in-place technologies present new opportunities.
TAM:59.0 Bn
Total funding:4.9 Bn

Fertility Tech

Long-term demographic changes are finally bringing fertility technologies into focus.
TAM:36.3 Bn
Total funding:1.7 Bn

Infectious Disease Tech

Hardware, software, and wearable devices to help prevent and manage the next pandemic.
TAM:1.8 Bn
Total funding:1.8 Bn
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Pharma & Life Sciences
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Pharma Automation
Updates published last mo: 13
Total funding: 20.3 Bn
Featured Companies: 169

Clinical Trial Technology

Incorporating technology to improve efficiency and success rate of clinical trials
TAM:30.7 Bn
Total funding:2.9 Bn

AI Drug Discovery

Artificial intelligence is identifying and testing new therapies faster than ever.
TAM:34.4 Bn
Total funding:17.4 Bn
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Genomic Therapeutics
Updates published last mo: 15
Total funding: 50.4 Bn
Featured Companies: 252

Human Gene Editing

Reinventing gene therapies with next-generation technologies
Total funding:12.3 Bn

Precision Medicine

Leveraging personal data for custom-fit diagnosis and treatment
TAM:120.0 Bn
Total funding:27.0 Bn

Regenerative Medicine

Novel therapies to reboot cells and organs
Total funding:11.1 Bn
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Medicinal Therapeutics
Updates published last mo: 11
Total funding: 1.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 59

Psychedelic Medicine

Promising research and receding stigma are giving investors cannabis-boom flashbacks.
TAM:65.9 Bn
Total funding:1.6 Bn
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Financial Services
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FinTech:Banking & Infra
Updates published last mo: 40
Total funding: 75.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 311

Buy Now, Pay Later

A flexible alternative to credit
TAM:16.8 Bn
Total funding:17.1 Bn


Making banking work, without the paperwork
TAM:19.4 Bn
Total funding:33.0 Bn

FinTech Infrastructure

Democratizing financial technology with a suite of API-based solutions
TAM:93.7 Bn
Total funding:25.0 Bn
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Updates published last mo: 3
Total funding: 1.7 Bn
Featured Companies: 63

Biometric Payments

Payments get personal
TAM:19.0 Bn
Total funding:210.9 Mn

Digital Wallets

Redefining the way we pay
Total funding:1.5 Bn
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Updates published last mo: 15
Total funding: 15.8 Bn
Featured Companies: 177


The monetary systems of the blockchain
Total funding:8.0 Bn

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Disrupting the traditional financial system using blockchain
TAM:61.1 Bn
Total funding:7.8 Bn
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Wealth Tech
Updates published last mo: 3
Total funding: 31.9 Bn
Featured Companies: 223

Financial Wellness Tools

Helping employers provide personalized, high-touch, and holistic financial wellness tools to their entire workforce.
TAM:6.3 Bn
Total funding:2.5 Bn

Capital Markets Tech

Providing AI-driven market intelligence and workflow automation to give firms an edge
Total funding:6.1 Bn

Business Expense Management

Platforms, apps, and cards to keep the corporate wallet in check
Total funding:9.4 Bn

Retail Trading Infrastructure

Retail investors demanding sophisticated passive investment strategies are looking for an edge.
TAM:36.2 Bn
Total funding:13.8 Bn
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Updates published last mo: 17
Total funding: 16.9 Bn
Featured Companies: 200

Commercial Insurtech

Simplifying the insurance experience for businesses using technology
Total funding:2.6 Bn

Neo Insurance

New insurance models are disrupting a centuries-old industry with a focus on personalization and convenience.
TAM:143.4 Bn
Total funding:11.6 Bn

Cyber Insurance

The latest line of defense against rising cyber attacks
TAM:17.9 Bn
Total funding:2.8 Bn
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Digital Security
Updates published last mo: 18
Total funding: 26.8 Bn
Featured Companies: 279

Digital Privacy Tools

New data privacy regulations have opened up space for a new wave of compliance-focused startups.
TAM:13.1 Bn
Total funding:4.1 Bn

Next-Gen Cybersecurity

AI-based solutions for evolving digital threats
TAM:75.4 Bn
Total funding:22.6 Bn
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Physical Security
Updates published last mo: 5
Total funding: 2.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 101

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition delivers incredible convenience to consumers, as well as serious risks.
TAM:4.4 Bn
Total funding:1.5 Bn

Smart Security Tech

Proactive security solutions for the physical world
Total funding:605.3 Mn
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Information Technology
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Updates published last mo: 18
Total funding: 17.6 Bn
Featured Companies: 252

Cloud Optimization Platforms

Platforms to make the most of cloud infrastructure
Total funding:2.8 Bn

Quantum computing

Quantum information processing is slowly becoming a reality, ushering in a new technological era.
TAM:67.2 Bn
Total funding:3.5 Bn

Edge Computing

Generating, collecting, and analyzing enterprise data will never be the same.
TAM:62.9 Bn
Total funding:8.7 Bn

Serverless Computing

The innovative cost dynamics of serverless computing allow more customers onto the cloud without breaking the bank.
TAM:3.9 Bn
Total funding:2.5 Bn
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Blockchain-based Computing
Updates published last mo: 0
Total funding: 11.4 Bn
Featured Companies: 67


A decentralized version of the web powered by the blockchain
Total funding:11.4 Bn
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Virtual Workplace
Updates published last mo: 16
Total funding: 27.9 Bn
Featured Companies: 495

Remote Work (Tools)

The tools that power remote work are define the next generation of enterprise software.
TAM:32.9 Bn
Total funding:11.4 Bn

Online Freelancing Platforms

The on-demand economy has finally reached white collar work.
TAM:144.6 Bn
Total funding:2.5 Bn

Remote Work (Infrastructure)

Distributed workforces require new solutions for office operations, HR, payment, and more.
TAM:16.9 Bn
Total funding:14.0 Bn
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Work Automation
Updates published last mo: 8
Total funding: 39.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 422

Low-Code Platforms

Powering digital transformation for businesses
Total funding:4.4 Bn

Data Infrastructure & Analytics

Tools to refine the 'new oil'
Total funding:20.8 Bn

No-code Software

Now anyone can become a software developer.
TAM:12.0 Bn
Total funding:11.3 Bn
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Sales & Marketing
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Sales Tech
Updates published last mo: 10
Total funding: 9.7 Bn
Featured Companies: 160


Old CRMs were complicated, expensive, and limited. Simpler, cheaper CRMs targeting SMEs have arrived.
TAM:10.6 Bn
Total funding:1.5 Bn

Sales Engagement Platforms

Artificial intelligence is helping sales teams manage relationships and optimize the customer lifecycle.
TAM:21.1 Bn
Total funding:8.2 Bn
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Updates published last mo: 20
Total funding: 19.9 Bn
Featured Companies: 213

Content Creation Tools

Creating affordable content for the digital age
Total funding:2.6 Bn

Marketing Automation

Using AI to automate, enhance and optimize marketing activities
TAM:325.0 Bn
Total funding:14.8 Bn

Social Commerce

Harnessing the power of social influence to fuel online sales
Total funding:2.5 Bn
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Construction & Real Estate
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Construction & Automation
Updates published last mo: 2
Total funding: 9.3 Bn
Featured Companies: 168

Smart Building Technology

Technologies that automate and optimize building operations using data-driven insights.
Total funding:5.0 Bn

Prefab Tech

Revolutionizing construction with sustainable practices to build faster
TAM:360.0 Bn
Total funding:1.6 Bn

Smart Homes: Energy & Water Solutions

Conserving resources starts at home
Total funding:2.7 Bn
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Property Tech
Updates published last mo: 10
Total funding: 20.4 Bn
Featured Companies: 212

Residential PropTech

Property owners and real estate companies are able to handle larger portfolios while offering faster and cheaper services.
TAM:45.7 Bn
Total funding:16.9 Bn

Commercial Proptech

Digitizing the commercial real estate value chain
Total funding:3.5 Bn
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Hospitality & Travel
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Food Service Tech
Updates published last mo: 24
Total funding: 28.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 157

Restaurant Industry Robotics

Helping restaurants become more safe, more profitable, and more interesting.
TAM:19.7 Bn
Total funding:520.0 Mn

Cloud Kitchens

Defining the future of the restaurant business.
TAM:18.4 Bn
Total funding:5.4 Bn

Online Food Delivery

From fast food to fine dining, everything but the kitchen sink is suddenly just a tap away.
TAM:188.4 Bn
Total funding:22.2 Bn
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Travel and Tourism
Updates published last mo: 0
Total funding: 9.3 Bn
Featured Companies: 107

Travel Tech

Maneuvering the new age of travel
Total funding:9.3 Bn
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Sports & Entertainment
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Digital Entertainment
Updates published last mo: 35
Total funding: 17.5 Bn
Featured Companies: 250

Extended Reality

Technologies bringing about a new reality
TAM:65.5 Bn
Total funding:9.3 Bn

Creator Economy

Giving creators the power of content monetization and audience engagement.
TAM:9.7 Bn
Total funding:3.3 Bn

Metaverse Platforms

Unfolding the internet's next chapter
Total funding:4.8 Bn
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Digital Sports
Updates published last mo: 10
Total funding: 9.2 Bn
Featured Companies: 244

Sports Tech

Solutions powering the future of sports
Total funding:5.0 Bn


A foundational component to the next generation of digital entertainment.
TAM:3.5 Bn
Total funding:4.1 Bn
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Education & Public Services
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Educational Tech
Updates published last mo: 17
Total funding: 28.3 Bn
Featured Companies: 376

Ed Tech: K-12

Remote learning is driving an education technology revolution.
TAM:43.7 Bn
Total funding:16.8 Bn

Ed Tech: Corporate Learning

Modern tools to train and motivate staff, and bridge emerging skill gaps.
TAM:51.0 Bn
Total funding:11.5 Bn
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Environmental Services
Updates published last mo: 13
Total funding: 19.1 Bn
Featured Companies: 179

Waste Recovery & Management Tech

Reinforcing recycling, rerouting refuse, and reducing wasteflows
TAM:107.2 Bn
Total funding:14.6 Bn

Food Waste

Tech solutions for achieving global anti-wastage targets
TAM:77.1 Bn
Total funding:4.6 Bn
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Aerospace & Defence
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Updates published last mo: 18
Total funding: 16.8 Bn
Featured Companies: 38

Next-Gen Space Tech

Technology to explore opportunities beyond Earth
TAM:474.7 Bn
Total funding:16.8 Bn

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